Orders for conservatorship, possession and support of a child last until the child’s 18th birthday and graduates high school. A parent may request the court modify a child order. Generally, a parent must prove that there has been a substantial and material change since the date of the last order and the requested modification is in the best interest of the child. There are special rules that apply if a parent is seeking a change to a conservatorship or possession order if within one year of the last order or on temporary orders. Parents may agree to modify a child order due to changed circumstances. Under this scenario, it is advisable to formally modify the child order through the legal process.


  • Violations of a possession order
  • Violations of a child support order
  • Violations of conservatorship rights
  • Violations of a spousal maintenance order
  • Violation of a property division order.

A party may seek a finding that the other party is in contempt for violating the order and may request the party who violated the order to reimburse the other party for attorney fees incurred.

The court may also clarify a prior order if it finds that the original order is not enforceable by contempt.

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